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Guest speaker Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Museum – July 15, 2018!


The most exciting news!  I have been invited to speak at the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Museum in Waldorf, MD  July 15, 2018!  This event will be based on the Spring/Summer 2018 article published in the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd newsletter (John Wilkes Booth, the Son, Brother, Uncle and Actor) as well as in the May 2018 issue of the Surratt Courier!



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The Nameless and the Faceless of the Civil War


Pick up your copy today!  Available now on  and Barnes and Noble and major retailers!  I will be reading 3 poems from the book that relate to John Wilkes Booth at the end of my  presentation at the Dr. Samuel A Mudd Museum on Sunday July 15! The presentation is on John Wilkes Booth, the son, brother, uncle and actor!