Life Coach

What is a Life Coach?
A coach is an individual who has the knowledge, skills, wisdom, intent and tools to help elicit a client’s values and goals, belief’s and the ability to create a plan of action and strategies for success toward a specific goal or outcome.

The Certified Life Strategies Coach approaches client’s with the understanding that there is a positive intention behind every behavior and that there is no such thing as failure-only feedback. Together both coach and client work together to create a feed-forward plan to achieve goals, facilitate change and overcome challenges.

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is the process of accessing the client’s existing thoughts while at the same time observing specific behaviors and linguistic patters, setting pathways to change and discerning hidden saboteurs.

What is effective Life Coaching?
Effective coaching is always supportive of the client. The first step is to make a plan of action and then guiding the client to follow the plan to help facilitate change..

Mission Statement
“Find your passion and the conviction to live it”


How many of us have tried to change, whether it be a career path or a personal habit, only to give up after being unable to successfully sustain that goal? Why is that? We all have the best intentions, ideas and dreams only to fall back into patterns of old and familiar behaviors that while are comfortable and safe, lead us further away from our intended goal.

That is where I can help. As a Certified Life Strategy Coach I provide proven methods to help free you of from that “stuck” position you may be experiencing and move successfully towards your dreams.

As the author of “Don’t Be Afraid of Fifty”, The Twelve Step process to Turning Fifty, I enumerated my personal passage to not being afraid and having the conviction to find your passion and live your dream.

So if you are looking to “Find your passion and the conviction to live it”, cultivate and embrace the opportunity to change and understand the behaviors that have held you back then contact me at

Consultation is Free. Don’t wait, your time is now. Life awaits. The pathway to your dreams is right within your grasp.

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