The Man with the Ice Blue Eyes

The Man with the Ice Blue Eyes

So how then I caressed your face
The beauty of which felled from grace
And etched the sight of those ice blue eyes
The ones that haunt me and make me cry


And then see you ever so near
To kiss my lips with such care and dear
And left me wanting all the more
For the man I wait for, the man I adore


The Man with the Ice Blue Eyes debuted at number one on July 13, 2016 on Amazon in the category of Women’s Poetry!

Who is “The Man with the Ice Blue Eyes?” Does he exist? If you have ever experienced the euphoria or the pain of unrequited love then yes he does exist. Very much so. For in these magnetic ice blue eyes lies the deep and abiding passion that resonates within all our hearts. He lives in the secret place where we hold our pain and our deepest and most secret love. We wait for those compelling, haunting eyes to come find us and take us away.
Feel the eyes on you, and be swept away by the dreams of love, that are euphoric, and yes almost maddening. For in the end isn’t love at any cost, the only thing that matters?

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