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The Nameless and The Faceless of the Civil War


COMPLETED!!!!   The Nameless and The Faceless of the Civil War a Collection of 27 Poems and 27 Essays…April 2018.  The poems are narratives, and in each poem the (narrator) is describing an actual historical event during the Civil War.  Each associated essay is a further historical description.  The events range from Shiloh, Fredericksburg, The Petersen House (where Lincoln died), Richard Garrett’s Farm, and many many more.  In this collection it gives a voice to those who perhaps never made into the history books, a chance perhaps be heard for the very first time.

May the force be with me!

Blog Book Discussion

July 11, 2016 Book Discussion on My Name is John Singer

I have been invited to attend a local book group discussion on “My Name is John Singer” a romantic, historical fiction book based on John Wilkes Booth. I am so excited to have my book as the discussion for the July 11, 2016 event. While the book is mostly fiction there are actual historical references throughout, I am excited to bring my journey of history of John Wilkes Booth and the civil war to the discussion. In preparation to speak, I have chosen a civil war instrumental loved by both north and south to play before our discussion to set the mood and the tone to be present in 1865. The instrumental is called Lorena.