Don’t Be Afraid of Fifty

Don't Be Afraid of Fifty

Don’t be Afraid of Fifty. I wrote this book because I was afraid of fifty. I was afraid of what it represented, not only in the number, but seeing it as life being half over and not having achieved what was always my true heart’s desire (writing of course). Of just working along and always knowing there was more of me and more things that needed to be done and just never believing in myself enough to make it happen. So then fifty came along in my life, and the fear that I was not doing or believing in myself enough to take to task my deep true love of writing.

Enough so to reach beyond my fears and write the book that turned out to be a catharsis for me and gave me the strength and voice to reach out to want to help others try to find a happier course of life. The twelve step process to fifty is just that, twelve life steps to turning fifty and the importance of love, friendship, compassion and empowerment.

The book is a process, my process and yours too. Take the journey and along the way find the strength and courage to be who you truly want to be!