My Name is John Singer

History tells us on April 26, 1865 John Wilkes Booth as cornered and eventually shot at Richard Garrett’s Barn at Port Royal Virginia. Or was he? In this fictional account Booth evades the fiery blaze and gunshot, supplanted at the last moment by a fellow confederate sympathizer, and he escapes. Yet now hiding in plain sight with a glommed persona as John Singer, he is repentant for his crime and who then would dare to help him?

It was early May, 1865
A wounded confederate soldier known as John Singer awoke in a field hospital in Alexandria, Virginia where Nurse Emma Dixon struggles to keep him alive. Surrounded by mystery, the compelling man refuses to explain his past.

Drawn to find answers, Emma discovers John Singer is not a confederate soldier at all but the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln!

For his real name is John Wilkes Booth!

What will she do?