My Name is Mrs. John Singer

It was early July, 1865

The sequel to My Name is John Singer continues the fictional story of John Wilkes Booth hiding in plain sight, and married to Emma. While residing at Emma’s family home in Richmond, there are those who doubt his identity and come to reveal John Singer as a fraud.

A bullet meant for John strikes Emma, shot by the Doctor Henry Bradley who was desperately in love with Emma. Believing he killed Emma, Henry fires the gun at his own temple.

John writes to his sister Asia Booth Clarke and says he must leave Richmond immediately.

With danger lurking and under the guess of night, Emma and John flee Richmond to escape to John’s boyhood home at Tudor Hall in Maryland.

The story opens with John and Emma at Tudor Hall in Bel Air Maryland. It is here under the veil of darkness he reveals himself to his family that he is alive, repentant for his crime and needs help finding somewhere to hide.

For, there are still men who wish to reveal John Singer as John Wilkes Booth and bring him to justice.

Will John’s family help, or turn him away?